Tag a Local

With the end of lockdown in sight, we’re keen to muster up some energy for our local businesses. The social #TAGALOCAL campaign is easy for everyone to participate in – join in to promote an indie business you’ve missed over lockdown.

As easy as …

  1. Right click to save the story template
  2. Fill it in with the @ of a local business and @ of friend(s) you’d like to visit the business with
  3. Add #TAGALOCAL and @localise so that we can share this in our stories too

It takes all of a just few minutes to complete. If you have any trouble saving the template, write to hello@localiseapp.com and we’ll send it to you by email.

Supporting local businesses is at the heart of our work and we thank everyone that’s helping us strengthen our local communities. Please follow @localise on social.

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